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$25 purchases 130 pounds of food for the pantry and $100 can feed four families for an entire week. 

Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC)

Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization seeks to provide low-income individuals, families and seniors residing in Fort Belvoir, Lorton, Newington and other portions of southeast Fairfax County with access to basic needs and the opportunity to empower themselves through LCAC's educational programs. LCAC strives to connect people with other programs in the area that will have a positive impact on a family's long-term health.

Founded in 1975, LCAC is a resource for individuals and families facing the prospect of being unable to pay for housing or other necessities either due to an unforeseen life-changing event (such as job loss, medical condition, or death in the family) or as a result of the ongoing disparity between low incomes and a high cost of living. LCAC serves as a community resource in the following ways:  

Healthy Families - Our organization operates the only food bank in southeast Fairfax County and serves 200+ families each week.  Registered families are eligible to obtain food weekly.  The program is managed by two full-time staff persons who are supported by more than 50 volunteers. The food pantry, which under COVID distributes outside two days each week and delivers to 36 vulnerable households, obtains food from three primary sources: private donations (individuals, faith groups and community groups), grocery stores and the Capital Area Food Bank, where LCAC is able to purchase primarily perishables such as meat and vegetables at a discounted rate. This program also seeks to provide opportunities for nutrition education for adults and youth. Engaging in learning about food, nutrition and exercise can and does change lives, regardless of income. This program also works to meet the seasonal food needs through the Thanksgiving and Holiday food programs, paying special attention to the needs of our senior and disabled households offering delivery of food for these programs.

Sustainability - LCAC offers direct financial assistance to prevent eviction or utility disconnection or for other emergency needs. All assistance is provided in the form of a check to a verified utility, rental or medical facility. Checks are issued only after verification of need with an outside entity (landlord, local utility, etc.). LCAC additionally provides case management, budgeting, clothing, furniture and household items to qualifying families through this program.
Bridging the Gap - Through educational opportunities, LCAC strives to empower the people we serve. LCAC operates the following educational outreach programs: English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) courses (offered in partnership with the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia), Pro Bono legal assistance, resume writing, basic and Microsoft Word adult computer courses, along with summer programming for children and youth participating in the free summer lunch program. Children and teens additional receive Back2School supportive supplies through this program.

LCAC's after-school program operates in partnership with two local elementary schools. The program is geared for children in 4-6th grade who participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch program, providing homework help, snacks and enrichment opportunities (lego robotics, art, drama, sports adventure, Japanese, etc.).

Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC)

9518 Richmond Highway
Lorton, VA 22079