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We are passionate and experienced public health advocates with a more than 20-year track record of leading and supporting successful policy advocacy campaigns in the US and around the world.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is a leading force in the fight to reduce tobacco use and its deadly toll in the United States and around the world. 

OUR VISION: A future free of the death and disease caused by tobacco. We work to save lives by advocating for public policies that prevent kids from smoking, help smokers quit and protect everyone from secondhand smoke.

Achieving our goals requires a tenacious, strategic and sustained effort. To accomplish our mission we:

  • Promote public policies proven to reduce tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Expose and counter tobacco industry efforts to market to children and mislead the public.
  • Strengthen tobacco control efforts in the United States and worldwide by providing support and information to our many partners.
  • Mobilize organizations and individuals to join the fight against tobacco. 
  • Empower a tobacco-free generation by fostering youth leadership and activism. Our annual Day of Action provides youth the opportunity to stand out, speak up and take action against tobacco use at more than 1,000 events across the country, and every year our Youth Advocates of the Year gala recognizes young leaders in the fight against tobacco.
  • Inform the public, policymakers and the media about tobacco's devastating consequences and the effectiveness of the policies we support.

We know what works to keep kids from using tobacco and we believe that the more youth can be messengers about tobacco awareness and prevention, the more other young people and adults will respond. We empower a tobacco-free generation by fostering youth leadership and activism in the fight against tobacco.

In the United States, we advocate at the national, state and local levels for the proven policies that reduce tobacco use and save lives.

Internationally, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids supports governments and non-governmental organizations in promoting and implementing these policies. We are a partner in the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use, which focuses on low- and middle-income countries where more than 80 percent of tobacco-related deaths will occur in the coming decades.