$50 can pay for a birth certificate and state ID: documents needed to access HIV care and services and $250 can pay for a bed for someone living with HIV disease transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing.


Since our founding, we have been committed to fighting the HIV epidemic until this crisis is over. Advances in treatment and new prevention strategies have now made “Getting to Zero” – zero stigma, zero new infections, and zero deaths – an achievable goal! The focus of all of our programs is to achieve the goal of getting to zero.

Our From All Walks of Life Fund supports the most vulnerable people living with HIV through financial assistance grants during times of crisis. Recognizing the difficulty in maintaining one’s health with insecure housing, we provide assistance to help people living with HIV disease obtain and maintain permanent housing or when unforeseen financial difficulties may interfere with their effective health management. In addition, our annual back-to-school drive and holiday toy drives support youth affected by HIV.

Our public awareness and education efforts are designed to combat the stigmas associated with HIV, and to raise awareness and educate the community about the newest prevention strategies, including PrEP (pre-exposure prophylactics), PEP (post exposure prophylactics), TasP (treatment as prevention) and the advances in the care and treatment of HIV.

Our signature events, AIDS Walk Philly, GayBINGO, and Black-Tie GayBINGO, draw attention to the continuing epidemic, and raise critical funds to support our efforts.

Since our founding, AIDS Fund has remained an intentionally grass roots organization with the philosophy that by coming together, each individual can make a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS in their community. Critical to the success of AIDS Fund is our ability to mobilize thousands of volunteers annually to produce events and to generate funds as participants in AIDS Walk Philly. These volunteers and donors are valued for their commitment and compassion and their community response to the AIDS epidemic.