A Trip to Children's National Medical Center

The other day, several of my America’s Charities co-workers and I had the opportunity to take a tour of Children’s National Medical Center, a Children First member. To say that it was impressive would be a vast understatement. It is certainly very different than the hospital that is etched among my first childhood memories. While the care is obviously still the best, the technology, staff and facilities have changed remarkably over the years.

To say that it was impressive would be a vast understatement. Dr. Jeffrey Dome led us on a trip through their Pediatric Oncology department and I was overwhelmed by their ability to care for their young patients. I was equally impressed by the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation. I had no idea of the level of research that takes place at Children’s National.

Our host that day was Kimberly Lane their director of corporate marketing. Upon leaving Kimberly was kind enough to present us with a plaque thanking us for being part of their 2010 fundraising team. In return, we gave her a dozen of our America’s Charities stuffed animal eagles to hand to their patients.

The day after our tour, Kimberly sent us a note relaying a story about the impact one of those little eagles had:

About 12:30 today I was at the hospital for a tour, and going to meet our guest down by the parking garage. As I went down our people movers, a little girl about 25 feet away, wearing a pink shirt with pig tails all over her head, was tossing a stuffed animal into the air. As I approached the bottom of the people movers, I saw it was an eagle wearing a blue T-shirt, and it was now being cradled in her arms. I couldn’t help but smile and ask if she liked it. Her mom said, “She’s been cuddling that eagle for the past 15 minutes.” I shared those had been delivered yesterday by some wonderful friends from America’s Charities for special people just like her. They both just grinned.
It’s the little things that make what all of us do so heart-felt. I’m so excited about the opportunity to grow our partnership even bigger and stronger. Thank you again for your time and for all that you do in our community and around the nation.
For the kids,

No, thank you Kimberly for sharing that with us. We are honored to be a part of the great work your organization and the other members of our family of federations provide.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July everyone!

Steve Delfin

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