Important Wells Fargo Update: Encrypted Email for Payment Manager Remittance Coming June 10

Beginning June 10, 2022, a new process will go into effect for organizations that receive workplace giving funds from America's Charities via electronic payments. 

Starting next week, our electronic payments processor, Wells Fargo, will start sending remittance using the Zix encrypted email messaging system rather than by Secure Document Delivery (SDD). This new encrypted email process will provide a more user-friendly option for your organization, as well as eliminate the need for secondary authentication, which will be required when signing on to SDD beginning June 26.

Below is a summary of key changes Wells Fargo is making that will impact your organization:  

  • Instead of signing on to SDD each time you retrieve remittances, you only need to register for the Zix service once. Once registered, future sign-ons will only require your organization to enter its password.
  • With this change, remittance emails from Wells Fargo, on America’s Charities’ behalf, will be sent from instead of
  • The subject line for the remittance emails will be “Payment details from America’s Charities sent by Wells Fargo.” 
  • Your organization will be asked to register and create a password for sign-on the first time you receive a Zix secure email from Wells Fargo.
    • The username for your account is your email address. 
    • If your organization has multiple email addresses, you will need to choose the address to which the notification was sent.
  • After successfully signing on, you will be able to read the message; then open and save attachments.
  • Organizations that don’t collect remittance information from SDD prior to June 26 may be required to use the secondary authentication process to retrieve it.
  • Wells Fargo will send an email for each remittance payment. 
  • After 30 days, your organization will receive a reminder email if the remittance has not been collected. You should contact America’s Charities to have the remittance resent. 

How to get more information:

The following resources have additional information about registering and using Zix encrypted email:

For additional information about the SDD secondary authentication change, refer to the email (PDF) your organization's current recipient will receive on June 3rd.