2019 CFC, State/Local, & Workplace Giving Promotion Guide


The 2019 Combined Federal Campaign officially kicks-off on September 9, 2019 and runs through January 12, 2020.

We encourage you to use our "CFC & Workplace Giving Promotion Guide" to assist with your organization's promotional efforts. Additionally, you can align your charity's brand with the CFC's messaging and cause campaign calendar by leveraging the following resources:

State & Local Campaigns:

If you participate in our State & Local membership program, we encourage you to promote your organization to donors using the themes, hash tags, and promotional information supplied by each individual campaign. Click here for more information, including a spreadsheet of information for some of the top-performing campaigns in the country:

Private Sector Campaigns:

Between private sector campaigns that list America’s Charities members as charity choices, and private sector campaigns whose workplace giving programs America’s Charities directly manages, our members are presented to thousands of employees in nearly 150 private sector campaigns each year. 

A few ways we automatically promote you through these campaigns:

  • Listed as a Charity Choice in Workplace Giving Technology Platform: If you participate through our Private Sector membership program, you are automatically listed in the private sector campaigns we manage (unless the employer has specifically requested otherwise). America's Charities offers multiple workplace giving technology platforms to employers based on their needs:
    • All-in-One Giving (integrated solution to manage volunteering, monetary donations, matching gifts, dollars for doers, fundraisers, etc.)
    • Simply Giving (for employers solely interested in empowering employees to make monetary donations)
    • Modern Giving Accounts (allows donors to budget for and set aside money for charitable giving before they designate a charity recipient)
    • Quick Start Giving (for employers who need to launch a campaign quickly, this solution can be set up in a matter of days)
  • We Share Your Stories and Impact: We provide our workplace giving clients access to our Client Resource Center where we house a library of resources, including the success stories, videos, dollar buy statements, and information that each of you share with America's Charities through your Membership Application. We also have created a series of "ready-made cause campaigns," in which we encourage clients to hold cause-specific campaigns throughout the year featuring a specific group of America's Charities members who address the respective cause. 
  • Charity Fair Opportunities: For companies who hold charity fairs and similar events to kick-off their campaign, we send them the promotional items that your organizations have sent us. And if the employer requests charity speakers, we offer to reach out to our members and arrange for them to attend. 

Opportunities available to your team for added exposure to private sector employers and donors:

  • Join our Member Referral Program. As your corporate engagement partner, this program is designed to make it easy for your existing corporate partners and other interested employers to feature your nonprofit through workplace giving. We have been managing workplace giving campaigns for nearly 40 years and we are dedicated to using our expertise to grow your team’s workplace giving results. 
  • We are always looking for blog posts, press releases, special events, and other content from our members that we can publish on our website. Anytime we publish something about your organization on our website, we automatically promote it on:
    • social media, 
    • our CSR Newsletter, and
    • 3BL Media (which gives you access to nearly 270,000 CSR professionals and Charity-minded executives). 
  • Have volunteer opportunities? One of the most effective ways to develop relationships with employees and turn them into long-term donors is to engage them in volunteerism. Through our All-in-One Giving solution, your nonprofit has the ability to promote your volunteer opportunities directly to employee donors anytime throughout the year. Click here for more information.
  • Want our team to promote you on social media? If you provide us with the messaging, we will schedule it to post on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. For your convenience, please click here to download our social media message template.  NOTE: If you participate in our annual Fall Member Advertising Campaign, this is included in your package, so you're already set for workplace giving season!