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International Planned Parenthood Federation

Providing access to sexual and reproductive health information and services for all, especially the poor and marginalized.

International Planned Parenthood Federation, Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF WHR)

Our Mission is to: Improve the quality of life of individuals by campaigning for sexual and reproductive health and rights through advocacy and services, especially for poor and vulnerable people. Defend the right of all young people to have sexual lives free from ill-health, unwanted pregnancy, violence, and discrimination. Support a woman's right to choose to terminate her pregnancy legally and safely. Strive to eliminate sexually transmitted infections and to eradicate HIV/AIDS. 

Our Vision: IPPF/WHR envisages a world in which every woman, man, and young person has access to the information and services they need, sexuality is recognized both as a natural and precious aspect of life and as a fundamental human right, choices are fully respected, and stigma and discrimination have no place. Our work helps couples plan their families, educates young people on how to protect themselves from HIV, STIs, and unintended pregnancies, and provides all people with the information and services they need to take control of their own sexual and reproductive lives. We know that these services, provided by our 50 partner organizations throughout the region, enable people to make responsible choices about their sexual and reproductive health. Together we work hard to stop the spread of HIV and other STIs, to provide contraceptives to women and men who want them, to offer a safe-haven for victims of gender-based violence and disenfranchised youth, and to make sure that every child is a wanted child. We are proud of our moral values. We understand that by providing women, men, and young people with the power of knowledge and the ability to choose, we are building stronger, healthier individuals and communities. We stand firm in our fight to provide millions of people each year with comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and services. From mobile health clinics in Bolivia to sexuality education in Guatemala, we work to make sure every individual has access to the information and services they need to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.